The Modpack is configured for a 1920x1080 resolution.
With another resolutions, you may have to do some small changes.

The ProMod installer owns a homemade installation routine.
At the start, your World of Tanks installation directory will automatically be determined.

All of the data and fonts will be installed by itself. A support of the Dokan installation is also included.
Once the installer gives you an “OK” at every point, you can press the “Install” button.

After a successful installation you will find the linkage
World of Tanks Pro Mod 0.8.8 ProMod” at your desktop. You can start your game with it.

For those who don’t like XVM but also want to enjoy its features can use the last option in the installer.

It’s recommended to use a clean “res_mods” folder, the easiest way to clean it is to use the “Remove” button.


• XVM: Player Ratings WN6
• XVM: Capture Info
• XVM: Advanced Minimap
• XVM: Ingame Clock
• XVM: Crewchange Addon
• XVM: Ingame Damage Log
• XVM: Spotted Marker
• XVM: Sixth Sense Audio Mod
• XVM: Fire Audio Mod
• XVM: Advanced After Battle Reports
• XVM: Extended Service Record

• ProMod Arcade Sights
• ProMod SPG Sights
• Accurate Damage Indicator
• Serverside Crosshair [On/Off Option]
• Zoomout Mod
• Magazin Display
• Scope Shadow Removal

• Default Damage Panel with:

• Repair Progress
• Hitlog
• Player Information

 Removed Postmortem Reference*
 Clean loading screen*
 No Intro Video*
* = Just a few optical changes without any special function.

• Optional: White Dead Wracks
• Optional: White Dead Train Wracks
• Optional: German Flamer Sound Mod
• Optional: Disable XVM Statistics & Ratings
• Optional: Jimb0s Crosshair Mod
• Optional: Chat/ Anti Spam Filter
• Optional: Extended Tank Info Panel
• Optional: Disable "4x" Sniper Zoom Position
• Optional: Save Sniper Zoomposition
• Optional: Detailed Viewrange
• Optional: Sexy Sixth Sense Icon
• Optional: Angle Indicator for TD / SPG
• Optional: Clock in Hangar
• Optional: Radial Menu Reload Script
Optional: Enemys Direction of View
• Optional: Extended Session Statistics

The “Install” Button
Nothing to say, it will install the ProMod at the speed of light.
Afterwards the linkages exists at your desktop.

The “Remove” Button
The installer will delete the whole “res_mods” folder, including the XVM files.
Behind that, the folder will be created again without any files in it.

Optional: Detailed Viewrange
With this Option distances will be displayed more detailed.
Guys who fight with FPS drops should disable this function.

Optional: Disable “4x” Sniper Zoom
The Modpacket has an integrated 4x zoom. Standard is 2-4-8. The mod expands this to 2-4-8-16. This function prevents it.

Optional: Save Sniper Zoom Position
The last used position at the snipermode will be saved.

Optional: Clock in Hangar
Installation of a clock at the hangar.

Optional: TD / Arty Angle Indicator
Adds an angle indicator for TDs and SPGs.

Optional: Sexy Sixth Sense
Installs a sugesstively XVM image. Use at own risk!

Optional: White Dead Tanks
The crash textures of the vehicles will be made over with withe textures. This is very useful if the enemy hides behind wrecks.

Optional: Chat / Anti-Spam Filter
Installs a chat filter to keep the chat free of spam from players. Chat news with the content of “siema”, “pozz”, “noob” etc. won’t be displayed.

Optional: Extended Tank Info Panel
If you aim at an enemy, you will recieve all necessary information about the enemy tank. A big thank you to Kriegstreiber who translated this configuration.

Optional: Radial Menu Reload Script
By pressing “Q” you can show your reloadtime and location by hand. If you play
autoloader tanks and you press “C” to reload you also send this information to your teammates.

Optional: White Destroyed Train Wracks
White skins for destroyed trains. Its good for precise aiming.

Optional: Haetzer Flamer Sound Mod
Legendary german flamer sound mod. You should not use it as a non-german ;-)

Optional: XVM without Ratings
Disables all XVM Ratings & Statistics ingame, so you can use XVM without player statistic.
If you don’t like a colourfull XVM, this is what you want!

Optional: Jimb0s Crosshair Mod
Most used crosshair mod. If you want it, click at the box at the installer.

Optional: See Enemys Direction of View
This Mod is usefull to see the direction of view from your enemy on the minimap.
Warning, might cause FPS-drops!
The use is legal, WG did not declare this mod as forbidden!

Optional: Extended Session Statistics
Enables Statistics for your WoT Session (how much total wins / credits / xp / kills etc.)